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Clinical Trial Management

Our Clinical Trial Management system is a web application designed to assist Protocol Managers by maintaining non-patient detailed clinical trial information. More info

Field Medical TL Management System

ECT’s Field Medical Thought Leader Management System is a comprehensive system for field medical personnel to maintain TL profile inform ation and track their activities with the TL. More info

Field Medical Management

ECT’s Field Medical Management tool tracks Field Medical Managers activities including time spent with their direct reports, at professional meetings, with sales, visiting TLs, etc. More info

Thought Leader Feedback

Events in the pharmaceutical industry can often require quick feedback from your Thought Leaders. New drugs, new indications, new trial results, product recalls are events that your company can respond to more effectively if you know what your Thought Leaders think and how they respond. Our Thought Leader Feedback forms provide a method to quickly collect, compile, and report this information to your management team. More info

Field Medical Intelligence

MLSs in the course of their visits with Thought Leaders learn of product and competitor product information that is of interest to personnel in other disciplines throughout the company.

Our Field Medical Intelligence form provides a means for MSLs to easily record this information and have it transmitted seamlessly to your management team. More info

Field Management MSL Evaluation

Our Field Management MSL Evaluation tool allows field managers to rate their reports on key job performance and developmental criteria. Evaluation forms are completed with each visit between a field manager and their MSL providing a history of job performance and development progress. More info

TL MSL Evaluation Surveys

Our TL MSL Evaluation is a web-based survey which is completed by your thought leaders to provide feedback on the MSLs they interact with. More info

Web-based Surveys

ECT provides a complete web-based survey service. When a standard web survey application does not provide the flexibility or professionalism required our customized survey product can provide exactly what you need. More info

ECT Reporting Solutions

Are you running applications that are collecting great data but don’t have a means of reporting or distributing the information? ECT has a number of resident and web-based reporting solutions More info