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ECT provides a complete web-based survey service. When a standard web survey application does not provide the flexibility or professionalism required our customized survey product can provide exactly what you need.


  • Customized survey invitation e-mails sent to your survey recipients which contain a link that automatically logs them into the survey
  • Surveys are username and password protected
  • Survey web page can be branded with your corporate identity
  • Both web-based and hardcopy options are available based upon the recipient’s preference
  • Toll free Helpdesk support for recipients who may have difficulty accessing the survey
  • Survey status and reporting website that provides real time measurement of the survey’s progress and compiled survey results
  • Reminder e-mails sent to recipients who have not responded
  • Survey website includes product information and disclaimers
  • Customized survey reporting


  • Branded survey websites, survey invitations, and reminder e-mails result in higher survey response rates