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ECT’s Field Medical Thought Leader Management System is a comprehensive system for field medical personnel to maintain TL profile information and track their activities with the TL


  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, synchronizes with the Outlook Address Book
  • Captures basic and detailed TL and TL association information
  • Field labels and application terms are easily customized to use your company’s familiar terms reducing training requirements
  • Fully integrated reporting module with complete data available off-line
  • Field Managers have access to complete information submitted by their MSLs as well as access to all TL information nationally or globally
  • On-line/off-line system so information can be updated at any time and will be transmitted when an internet connection is available
  • Tracks the TL selection criteria to ensure that the appropriate physicians are being designated as Thought Leaders
  • Tracks over time the TL’s scientific involvement, the MSL’s accessibility to the TL, and the TL’s understanding of product educational objectives
  • Records unsolicited product inquiries so you know what your TLs are asking about
  • Tracks non-TL activities, i.e. absences, meeting attendance, training, administrative time
  • Icon status indications to assure the user that data is being received and processed


  • TL Management Application that is easily customizable, quick to implement, and low cost
  • Highly customizable to meet your specific TL management needs