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Events in the pharmaceutical industry can often require quick feedback from your Thought Leaders. New drugs, new indications, new trial results, product recalls are events that your company can respond to more effectively if you know what your Thought Leaders think and how they respond. Our Thought Leader Feedback forms provide a method to quickly collect, compile, and report this information to your management team.


  • Forms can be developed and deployed quickly, often in a couple of days
  • Feedback information can be collected, compiled, and reported to management in a week’s time
  • Forms function on-line/off-line
  • Forms are deployed and installed on the user’s laptop without user intervention
  • Forms allow for complicated “if-then” logic and data auditing to ensure that complete and pertinent results are obtained


  • Immediate TL feedback in response to an industry event
  • Cost effective and efficient means for collecting and disseminating TL feedback information