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Our TL MSL Evaluation is a web-based survey which is completed by your thought leaders to provide feedback on the MSLs with whom they interact


  • Feedback is specific to the MSLs that call on the TL
  • Both web-based and hardcopy options are available based upon the Thought Leader’s preference
  • Web-based survey participants are notified with an e-mail which contains a link that automatically logs them into the survey
  • Helpdesk support for any Thought Leaders who may have difficulty accessing the survey
  • Survey status and reporting website that provides real time measurement of the survey’s progress and compiled survey results
  • Additional survey analysis customized to your specific needs
  • Can be conducted on a global basis
  • Reminder e-mails sent to recipients who have not responded


  • Know the strengths and weaknesses of your MSLs so that targeted training and development programs can be developed
  • Know how your company MSLs compare to their counterparts in other companies
  • Collected data can be used to determine deployment, staffing, and visit frequency needs