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Included in the healthcare reform legislation that was signed into law in March 2010, the Physician Payment Sunshine Act will require drug manufacturers to publicly disclose gifts and payments made to physicians. Physicians who speak on behalf of pharmaceutical companies provide a valuable service, conveying pertinent drug therapy information to their fellow physicians. Our Speaker Contracting website application provides a process for vetting speakers thru enforcing renewal requirements and a segmented approval process


  • Speaker’s CVs and other credential documents are accessible from the website
  • A segmented recommendation and approval process is enforced for speaker renewals
  • Automated e-mails instruct process participants when their action is required, keeps the renewal process on schedule
  • Website displays general speaker, contracting status, speaker training, and speaker assigned company personnel information
  • Recommendation and approval process for speaker compensation levels
  • Automated speaker contracting status reports
  • Built-in capability to send and receive data feeds from other systems
  • Customizable speaker renewal eligibility criteria enforced by the website


  • Provides an audit trial of when and by whom speakers renewal actions were taken
  • Automates the speaker renewal process, eliminates e-mails, spreadsheets, and phone calls between contracting participants