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Are you running applications that are collecting great data but don’t have a means of reporting or distributing the information? ECT has a number of resident and web-based reporting solutions:

Web-Based Reporting Module

Our web-based reporting module is basic and simple to use reporting tool:


  • Simple intuitive interface to select fields to be report, sorting, and filtering, no user training required
  • Users can create and save their own reports
  • Can be used to report web or resident application information
  • Report fields can be segmented into groups to make it easy to locate the reporting fields
  • Reports can be saved individually or in report groups
  • Flexibility to create concatenated fields from individual fields, i.e. Last Name, First Name
  • Reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel

Computer Based Reporting Application

Our computer based reporting applications provide users with a standardized set of reports which can be filtered by organization geography, time period, product or therapeutic area, and organizational or personal profile criteria


  • Standardized reports provide users the information they need when they need it
  • Reports are customized to meet your specific business objectives and strategies
  • Simple intuitive interface, no user training required
  • Ability to filter by geography, product, therapeutic are, and profile attributes
  • Data updates are provided seamlessly to the end user via our EAS controller
  • Reports can be exported to Excel for further analysis or formatting


  • Provides users the business information they need readily accessible from an easy-to-use application

Automated Reporting Services

Our Automated Reporting Services deliver reports automatically to recipients’ e-mail inbox


  • Reports are customized to meet your business objectives and strategies
  • Automated delivered with any required frequency, daily, weekly, monthly
  • Reports can be created and e-mailed based upon when specific events occur
  • Reports are delivered as Excel files for ease of further data analysis
  • Reports include filtering and complex formatting for ease in data interpretation


  • Users do not need to remember passwords to access websites or applications, information is delivered to their Inbox and is always available