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MLSs in the course of their visits with Thought Leaders learn of product and competitor product information that is of interest to personnel in other disciplines throughout the company. Our Field Medical Intelligence form provides a means for MSLs to easily record this information and have it transmitted seamlessly to your management team.


  • On-line/off-line form so information can be recorded at any time
  • Intuitive user interface for easy and quick entry of information
  • Automated reports which are e-mailed to your management team
  • Web based graphical analysis tool
  • Supporting documents can be included with the Medical Intelligence submission and are distributed with the reports
  • Icon indicator provides confirmation to the user that their entries were successfully received and processed by the server
  • The user’s submitted entries are stored on their computer for future access
  • Supports Windows 7


  • Quickly collect and distribute pertinent company and industry product information collected by your Field Medical team
  • Harness the collective ears of your field medical team to learn what your competitors are doing and how the physician community views your products