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Our Clinical Trial Management system is a web application designed to assist Protocol Managers by maintaining non-patient detailed clinical trial information


  • Full featured web application that functions like a resident desktop application
  • Easily customizable to collect and maintain study data parameters pertinent to your studies
  • Study data parameters can vary by therapeutic or product area
  • Track study budgets and milestone payments
  • Track patient enrollment and treatment completion
  • Study address book maintains contact information for internal and external personnel associated with the study
  • Maintains a history of medical field personnel site visits
  • Automated e-mail notification of key study events and milestones
  • Simple intuitive reporting module with Export to Excel feature
  • Segmented study access privileges to allow users read, write, and financial view privileges
  • Maintains a checklist of regulatory and other study related documents
  • Easily accessible study Synopsis which can also be exported as a Word document