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Our EAS (ECT Application Synchronizer) Controller is a standalone application for synchronizing data between remote laptops and a central server. It can also can be used to install software or other files on a remote user’s laptop.


  • Runs unattended as a system tray utility
  • Automatically senses an internet connection and performs synchronization operations when CPU usage is low
  • Constantly monitors remote computer software configuration and automatically updates applications or components that are out of date
  • Color coded system tray icon provides user a visual indication of their computer’s synchronization status
  • Can be run manually to force immediate synchronization
  • Can be installed remotely using our web based installation tool
  • Time tested application that has been deployed around the world


  • Ensures that remote user’s computer applications and data are up-to-date
  • Allows users to work off-line with future data synchronization when an internet connection is available